• Have you ever heard the saying: 'Your comfort zone is a beautiful place, but nothing ever grows there?'

    Well, I don't like that saying because it's always been nice and cozy in my comfort zone--getting to sing here and there, directing shows, and doing a little acting every so often.  Then 2020 happened and BAM!  Within one week in March, I lost a parent, stood helpless as other people I love got sick, and watched in disbelief as every booking in my calendar for the year got cancelled.

    It was as if my world got sucked into a black hole and disappeared, and all that was left was an unsettling silence within a dark cloud of uncertainty.

    I was so anxious that I had to exhaust myself everyday just to release some of the stress and take my mind off all the negativity.  I did that by making things out of anything I could get my hands on, all day, every day.   Eight months, and 32 Ikigai pieces later, I am convinced that is what kept me afloat.

    Now that I think about it, I'm not surprised how making art 'saved' me.  I believe we are all created in the image of a Creator-- Imago Dei.  And since our Creator is creative, there must be a part of us that is like Him.  That is where a great deal of the essence and power of being human lies--in our creativity. I think we were born to be creative in the areas we are gifted in.  And when we use our gifts we realize there is more we can do than we ever thought possible.

    So what have I learned since my comfort zone was pulled out from under me? I learned that silence isn't bad because that's when you can really start to hear yourself.  I learned that uncertainty has a way of sifting the essential from the unimportant-- I am now certain that the world can take away everything I have (except for my family) and I will be ok.

    Another thing I learned is that's God's goodness and faithfulness are not forfeited by a pandemic, or an economic meltdown. And that's way better than any comfort zone.

    So going back to the saying about things not growing where you are too comfortable? I think it's true, but I still don't like it because the truth can be harsh. A saying I prefer much more these days is: 'Bloom where you are planted.' -- Use what you have been given, not just to survive, but to thrive no matter what life may throw at you. Then blossom beyond what you ever thought possible.


    Driftwood, steel bars, epoxy clay, concrete, silver paint, tempered glass.


    60in x 24in x 21in

    Tempered Glass Tabletops: 16in x 22in oblong

    Pick up is in Muntinlupa. Provincial and overseas shipping inquiries will be directed to our shipping broker for the best rates once purchase is confirmed.

  • ₱170,000.00

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