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  • One of my favorite things to do as a young boy was to walk over to an abandoned lot beside our home in Pasay to play. It was in front of Manila Bay along Roxas Boulevard. It was huge and probably once owned by a wealthy family back when mansions were built along the bay because of the sea breeze and sunset views.
    The lot had the remains of a once proud concrete structure that I loved to explore, a winding driveway, stately trees, and vast open spaces that cogon grass had taken over. It was my magical playground of adventure and I would spend hours there pretending to be in another world, in another time.
    My grandmother would always warn me to be on the lookout for snakes but I never saw any. What I did see a lot of were dragonflies and I developed a fondness for these gentle, flying creatures. I loved watching them dart, float, and dance through the air like fairies with iridescent wings.
    I find it fascinating how dragonflies can move in all six directions with such elegance and poise. They seem to make the most of being able to dance in the air because they can only fly for a fraction of their brief, seven month lives. Maybe they're nature's way of reminding us to seize every moment and to live life fully present.
    As it turns out, I am not the only one with a fondness for dragonflies. Having been around for such a long time, many cultures have lovingly created stories and beliefs about them that have been passed on through generations. As different as these cultures may be from each other, they all give significance to the dragonfly as representing such things as hope, change, new beginnings, as well as lightness and joy. To this day, I still smile whenever I see one fluttering about in my garden.
    As a reminder of my magical childhood and the many happy memories I have of my flying 'friends', I thought I'd make a dragonfly as one of five new IKIGAI pieces. I hope it reminds you of your childhood too. Or at the very least, brings you lightness and joy.
    'May you touch dragonflies and stars, dance with fairies and talk to the moon.' - Brittany Dorsten


    DRAGONFLY - mixed media gilded in composite gold leaf

    DIMENSIONS: 3.25in x 4in x 2in

    BASE - treated driftwood

    DIMENSIONS - 7in x 5.5in x 4.5in


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  • Tutubi
  • Tutubi
  • Tutubi

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